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I wonder if the extremely low rating of "Expand its Wilderness Immersion, Learning and Discovery (WILD) Program" could in part be due to a lack of understanding of just what that program is, since it is a relatively new program.

I was also surprised that "Expand opportunities for students to interact with alumni" was also rated fairly low.


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Hi everyone,

Here are the alumni results in the same format as the faculty/staff results.  Huge THANK YOU to grad student Janna Buckwalter for doing this over her break.  (Feel free to email her a thank you if you want - she went above and beyond.)  Janna is going to start developing themes from the write-in ideas later this week.  It will probably be too late for the University Day on Friday but I doubt we'd be getting into those in that venue.

My very quick read shows some interesting differences between alumni and faculty/staff rankings.  Alumni place STEM emphasis above everything else, as well as making sure we do not tolerate mediocre employees and upper administrators.  They don't value "quality of life" issues for employees quite as much as we do, nor do they view marketing as a high strategic priority.

Looks like the two groups are in agreement on issues like STEM, safety, professional/career development and providing affordable education among a few other areas.  (Unfortunately - to me, anyway - neither group seems to care much about making our geographic location an attractor, whether that's through expanding outdoor recreation programs, putting more emphasis on performing arts for the community, etc.  My personal opinion is that we MUST work harder to make our location a positive and attract students, faculty and staff who want a rural location.)

It will be interesting to discuss these results further, as well as the additional themes that are generated.

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